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A project by the Civic Museum of Archaeology Ethnology, Modena, in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Heritage of the Region Emilia-Romagna.

The Intercultural Diary, produced for the first time in 2010 in the context of the project MAP FOR ID (Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue), was designed by the Civic Museum of Archaeology Ethnology, Modena, to gather and spread news of projects launched with groups of migrants.

The diary is produced every other year and acts as a vehicle for intercultural initiatives launched periodically by the museum in conjunction with various bodies active at local level.  

The Diary 2010 was part of a project entitled CHOOSE THE PIECE which involved a group of 60 migrants (teenagers and adults) from eighteen different countries.

The Diary 2012 was part of a project entitled THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, a multi-lateral exchange involving the voices of men and women from eleven different countries.

The Diary is an effective way of giving visibility and continuity to the museum’s commitment to intercultural dialogue. Its approach is to create a coordinated image that acts as a “passport” between varieties of experience.  It features a calendar highlighting major festivities in the participants’ countries of origin. It allows us to explore key issues in sections dedicated to chosen themes and shows pictures of places and objects from the countries in focus. It offers a space for the promotion of future partnerships and sponsorships related to single, annual projects.  

In terms of information exchange and sharing, the Intercultural Diary produced by Modena’s Civic Museum can be readily exported to other museums interested in launching a similar initiative in the ambit of their own activities.